French & Italian Pastry Arts Diploma

Learn the art of French and Italian pastry creation with a fully immersive course taught across two countries.

Designed for professionals with at least one year of experience in pastry arts, this unique 2-month program offers hands-on, personalized training and a prestigious joint-diploma from two internationally recognized institutions: École Ducasse and ALMA - The International School of Italian Cuisine, completed with 1 month internship in France or Italy.



Program overview

The Art of French & Italian Pastry Arts Diploma is a highly practical program taught at the outstanding facilities of The École Nationale Supérieure de Pâtisserie in France and ALMA in the beautiful Ducal Palace of Colorno in Italy. You will spend four weeks in each location to fully immerse yourself in the culture and techniques that make French and Italian pastry renowned throughout the world. You’ll then have the opportunity to put what you’ve learned into practice during a one-month internship in one of the two countries.

The program is limited to a maximum of 12 students and covers a full range of pastry and dessert arts creation—from traditional biscuits, tarts and cakes to chocolates, gelato and beyond. You’ll learn from world-leading pastry chefs and masters of their craft in hands-on lessons designed to take you far beyond the fundamentals of pastry arts.

Program content

Course overview in France France
1 week : Tradition – Innovation : tarts and entremets
1 week : Classics Bread and Viennoiserie
1 week : Plated Desserts
1 week : Sugar Artistic Masterpieces

Course overview in Italy Italy
1 week : Italian Taste, Italian classic desserts, Italian style small pastry
1 week : Italian artisanal Gelato and derivatives, Italian pralines
1 week : Artistic chocolate, Italian mother yeast leavened breads
1 week : Great mother-yeast leavened products, Plated Desserts

Tuition includes

• Arrival : airport transfer from Lyon St.Exupéry Airport to ENSP Yssingeaux
• Training materials : welcome guide, program syllabus, all recipes
• Chef Jacket Ecole Ducasse & Alma
• One (1) professional toolkit
• Field Trip in both countries
• Housing in both countries
• Departure: airport transfer from ALMA to Milan Airport


To register in the program, fill out and send us your contact information to receive the application form and program details of the French & Italian Pastry Arts Diploma. You will be contacted by the enrolment team to move forward with the registration process.

Please note there are a limited number of places and applications will be dealt with on a first come first serve basis.
Without full reception of the documents with the deposit of 30% of the total tuition fee, we reserves the right to cancel the reservation of the candidate.



The École Nationale Supérieure de Pâtisserie is located in Yssingeaux, in France’s Haute-Loire region. Founded in 1984, it has set the standard of excellence in France—and globally—for professionals in pastry, bakery, chocolate, confectionery and ice cream arts.

Housed within the imposing Château de Montbarnier, the school successfully combines heritage and modernity, offering a unique family atmosphere.


ALMA is recognized as the world’s leading educational and training centre for Italian food and beverage, training cooks, pastry chefs, bakery chefs, sommeliers, professional waiting staff, restaurant managers, pizza chefs, pasta chefs and gelato artisans.

ALMA is based in the heart of the Food Valley, in the beautiful Ducal Palace of Colorno, just a few kilometres from Parma, a 2015 UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy.

A word from the Ambassadors

Luc Debove & Davide Comaschi

I am delighted to collaborate with ALMA on the development of such a unique program; bringing together the best of the French and Italian savoir faire can only be a source of inspiration to all.

Luc Debove
École Ducasse Executive Pastry Chef

Both French and Italian pastry are highly technical and the aim of the collaboration between École Ducasse and ALMA is to train young pastry chefs to master technics of both Italian and French pastry heritage.

Davide Comaschi
ALMA Scientific Committee member for the Pastry Area

Take your pastry skills to the next level